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Why Inspect

All the major manufacturers Dryvit, Senergy, and STO recommend regular inspections and maintenance on there EIFS Systems.

Usually, there are very few visible “signs,” especially to the untrained eye. This is why inspection and testing are so important.

EIFS systems should be inspected every couple of years to insure no major problems are developing behind the EIFS system.

Most problems I find are a result of improper EIFS installation and/or the lack of maintenance. All exteriors need to be maintained properly.

Inspection Reports

Most moisture issues can’t be detected with a visual inspection. I use moisture testing equipment that indicates if there are any moisture issues going on behind the EIFS System.
Generally an EIFS inspection cost between $300 & $700 depending on the amount of EIFS.
An EIFS Inspection will include:

  1. A visual inspection of the condition of the EIFS system, sealants, flashings, windows, doors, decks, attachments and penetrations thru the EIFS system. Make sure everything is installed and functioning properly.
  2. Photos of the property and deficiencies.
  3. Moisture testing under all doors, windows, decks, flashings, etc using a non-invasive moisture meter and an invasive meter when necessary
  4. A written and photographic report with all the above results included.
  5. A list of certified repair contractors if repairs are needed.

Sample Inspection Reports

Click on each one to view the reports